Walk For Health And Architecture

Architecture education has seen through a sea of change with the advent of Internet, I pads, IPhone, Mac,..Etc. . . The formal education included going to college only till 1983, then the system of Practical Training became part of curriculum though this was routine in the life of Architect making but students went through this after completing their formal education and acquire a paper called Bachelor of Architecture degree from a university.

Now the new ways of learning is endless till you find a work better than 100 % . The new form of learning which age old system is also is walk for Architecture. This walk should be in all forms, physically travelling place and walking places through net, both being given equal weightage for your Architecture health and achievement.

LEARNING FOR BEGINNERS _ Taking walk for capturing photographs around you will not only teach you Architecture but also keep you fit. This form of learner is a must for architects or Architecture Student as our profession is revolving around drafting board in old times and Computer Aided Design in the present times.

Walk For Health And Architecture

Walk For Health And Architecture

LEARNING ARCHITECTURE _ GRAPHIC DESIGN I Was browsing through my I pad NEWSTAND and found an amazing lineup of most beautiful women of Indian on my IPAD when i clicked FEMINA Magazine and this should be true of any popular magazine.

The learning point is the graphically representation of the Femina cover pages gives an ocean of knowledge from the point of Graphics & Aesthetics. Wish you happy Art and Architecture learning as the graphic Design is base of any form of Art _ Painting, Sculpture.. .. ..


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