30 x 40 Vastu Plan _ Homes for SOULFUL VASTU Living

30 X 40 VASTU PLAN A1 _ 3D VIEW30 x 40 Vastu Plan Series A1

Vastu Homes are designed to be Harmonies with earth environment and cosmic energies. The exact proportions, orientation, dimensions, entry and room locations are very important. These houses are designed to be excellent in all aspects. Most important, the dimensions have been determined by aligning the home with its Eighteen principles of VASTU 1) Aya_Cinceivement, 2) Income, 3) Expenses, 4) Birth Number 5)Nakshatra_Star, 6) Thiti 7) Day 8) Lagna_Ascend, 9)Caste, 10) Amsa, 11) Age, 12) Aspects 13) Ghana 14) Ages 15) Bhootas, 16) Rasi, 17)Tara Bala & 18) Chandra Bala

These principles of the house creates a vibration, or “frequency,” that is conducive for SOULFUL VASTU Living in harmony with the Pancha Boothas.

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